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Meet me at “BarriquettaRossa”

Saturday 10 November, from 10 at 14, at Red House, in Rome, via M 14, it will be BarriquettaRossa, an awareness event on natural wine followed by a tasting.

An opportunity to discover natural winemaking methods directly from the producers, reflect on consumption patterns, enjoy a wine from vines grown with respect for the environment. All in the frame of the historic space of Garbatella, always a member of conviviality “aware”. Saturday 10 November, Casetta Rossa hosts 9 winegrowers, from Lazio and other Italian regions, who will tell about their personal production experience, allowing to fully understand what is meant by natural wine. In contrast to the large and dispersive food and wine events, the meeting will allow you to hear from their voices the secrets of a wine production that is the result of daily commitment, ethical choices and love for one's land and its specificities, different from region to region. The so-called natural wines come from grapes of the highest quality, grown in the vineyard with organic farming methods, biodynamics or other natural processes that exclude the use of synthetic chemistry or significantly limit it. And it is thanks to the direct relationship with the producers, to the knowledge of production methods and the philosophy that inspire them, that the consumer can make a truly informed choice.

The initiative takes its name from the French term “Barrique”, the fine wooden barrel used for the refinement of wine, a time also used as a unit of measurement, and aims to become a fixed appointment to follow the development of an unstoppable trend: the return to the natural.

The event will begin with the intervention of the sommelier Massimiliano Massetti, which will illustrate the reason for the excellence of natural wines and how to know and appreciate them. We will continue with the meeting with the producers, who will talk about their business experience and the philosophy that inspires their daily work, revealing the stories that hide behind each glass. In the end, off to tastings, with the possibility of buying bottles of wine. Red House, in addition to hosting the event, will offer the opportunity to have lunch with a set menu a 15 Euro, excluding drinks.

Organize the event, in collaboration with Casetta Rossa, the GAS Casetta Rossa association, Solidarity Purchase Group established with the aim of purchasing quality products, establishing a direct and trusting relationship with small producers, selected on the basis of the specificity of their production methods, responding to specific canons: kilometer zero, organic and biodynamic agriculture, enhancement of DOC / DOP products, minimization of waste and environmental impacts. A virtual market, so, but made up of people who share the same philosophy, inspired by sustainable trade, fair and supportive.

Admission to the event is 2 Euro, in support of the Casetta Rossa GAS.

Starting from 12.30 Lunch organized by Casetta Rossa Fixed menu, cost 15 € to person (excluding drinks)

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