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Road Foglino, 1126, 04100 Acciarella, Latina

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born “Piccoli Vignaioli Pontini”

The wreath is part of “Piccoli Vignaioli Pontini“, along with Casal De Luca, G. Iachetti, The Quadrifoglio, Le Anfore, Monti Cecubi and seals Filippi, a “collective” seven wineries in the Province of Latina that, with enthusiasm, aims to bring their own wine to Vinitaly 2020, from 19 at 21 April next.

Together, The seven companies want to represent the great history and tradition of wine Of the territory, giving strength to some of the autochthonous which they are enjoying increasing success: Abbuoto, Bellone, Cesanese, Moscato di Terracina and Black Good.

Good luck Piccoli Vignaioli Pontini… cheers!!